Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I'm not sane (06.27.07)

I’m going INSANE!!!! I refuse to ask the stupid question, “What else can happen?” because it
just keeps happening all on its own!!!!!!!!!! URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t shout loud enough in my email. I was literally growling and frothing at the mouth because of my computer just a minute ago. I honestly hope everyone ignores me today.

  • Almost out of propane.
  • Peabody's sick.
  • I’m sick.
  • Kids are maniacs.
  • Someone asks me to make copies, a BUNCH, like say 8 sets of 65 double-sided sheets. After making ONE set of copies, the COPIER BREAKS!!!!!!!!! Now what do I do? These are for an “important” meeting, and it will just look like the secretary is no doubt mentally challenged.
  • Copier is broken. Again. And making my paper into little decorative fans, which would be FINE IF I WERE TRYING TO MAKE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anti-christ copier company won’t send rep until this afternoon.
    Went to Mom’s for lunch and CoolTeen was running around, OUTSIDE, with his UNDERWEAR on! They sort of look like shorts, but c’mon…really tight short shorts. PUH-LEESE.
  • Peabody hates his job and mopes.
  • Have I mentioned the propane?!?!?!
  • Have I mentioned that the COPIER is BROKEN!?!?!?!?! AGAIN?!?!?!??! I’m quite sure there’s a conspiracy against me here, or wait, even better…some militant militia (is that even “real”?) is plotting against me because I hold the key to something important, like a vast wealth of MUD, in my YARD, that’s preventing the PROPANE from being delivered!!!!!!!!
  • I try to get ahead, and start making copies on the evil upstairs copier for other work. It’s only one side, for right now. After I finish, and am oh-so-pleased with myself for doing a good deed (even if it IS in my job description) only to get back to my desk, and get an email from a co-worker (totally not his fault, it’s the lame computer) saying to disregard the previous email (with? You guessed it! The stuff I inserted and copied just minutes ago!) Now I get to do it ALL OVER AGAIN AND waste MORE paper and TIME and INK and CRAP.

I’ll be bald by tomorrow. Mark my words.

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