Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm a radio STAR!!!!!! (12.18.07)

Honestly, If I get any cooler than I already am, I don't know how I'll handle it all. Not only am I a wife, mother, office worker, former model, contortionist, graceful strider (i.e. falling down the stairs) and jack-of-all-trades, I can now add radio star to my resume!!!!! I'll be signing autographs all next week. Call me and I'll see if I can pencil you in (you have to be REALLY important for ink).Came in to work this a.m., and turned on the radio...and heard, "The tune of O Christmas Tree is also the tune to 4 state songs. Name one and you win!" I dial, ring....ring....ring....IOWA? Yes! How did you know that? Are you from Iowa?" "No, I'm work in an office (like that's relevant?!?!?!?) and the other day I helped my son do his state report, which happened to be on Iowa. That was one of the fun facts we used." I freaking RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There I was pissing and moaning about doing some report with CoolTeen, and I got dinner for 2 at Mazzio's. What's up?!?!?!?! It's no Foga de Ciao, but it's food, and it's free. That's what I'm talking about.

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