Monday, November 3, 2008

Making Mom work for her title, Part Deux

Halloween is here, and we’re ready to hit the streets for more candy! We HAD plans to go to our friend’s house to let the kids trick-or-treat…but, noooooooooo. I don’t think so! The day went fairly well. I worked a bit, and then picked up my Mom, Smartie and Cookie to head to town. Cookie was doing okay, just a bit of belly issues, but nothing major…or so I thought. After buying a sewing machine (SO excited!!!), some fabric, and other crap I never knew I needed, we headed back to Mom’s house.

A few hours later, TooCool dragged in from school. Since I’m such an awesome and understanding mother, I ungrounded him after bringing some grades up to a decent level. He wanted to go to a friend’s house and to a Halloween party (and to stay the night), so I got all the kids dressed up, and took him down the road. I was on my way to my friends house with the girls when I heard a gag. With one quick flip of the rear-view mirror, I witnessed Cookie decorating her car seat with “white stuff”. Smartie did the logical thing, and started laughing. I was gagging, and figured it would be quicker to drive back to my Mom’s house a few miles down the road, instead of pulling over and taking care of matters. Apparently Cookie didn’t think I was going fast enough, so she proceeded to hurl vomit like a fire house. Quite the pro, that girl. She continued until she had decorated nearly my entire back seat, floorboard, car seat, and back of my seat. I even took pictures to show to my friend, so she’d believe I wasn’t b.s.’ing at the last minute (and just for fun, to show Cookie what she put me through as a baby). Although this is supposed to be an anonymous blog, it’s getting hard for me to keep it that way. Soooo….after I get home later and download the pics off the camera, I’ll be posting them for your viewing pleasure. Aren’t I sweet?

We stood out in Mom’s driveway with the water hose, and I cleaned out the carseat, stripped Cookie down to her skivvies and cleaned her up, and got settled. Peabody and I decided he’d come to Mom’s house to watch Cookie, and I’d take Smartie to my friend’s house for trick-or-treating. All in all, it was a good evening. I got some awesome treat’s while visiting my friend – super awesome chocolate-chip cupcake things, and rice krispy treats, and Dr. P! J Smartie had fun running the neighborhood, and made out with a pretty good sized sack of candy.

We got home around 10:00 and did exciting things like watch t.v.! (and wondered when I’d get to use my new sewing machine…still in the box in the back of my car).


kyinvest said...

Looks like you won't be winning any mother of the year award.

I would like for you to read about the life of Ruth, it would greatly change your life.

Practice more control and focus your kids on their positive strengths while maintaining a disciplined life style will ensure that you meet the goals that God has intended for you to accomplish.

Sam Hill said...

KY - You're a freak, and the last person that needs to post any sort of "you should do this" post...oh ye of little children (just 1!). Oh, if only the blogging world could see who this advice is coming from....a Class 1, Grade A, Freak of Nature. :) You're lucky I like you.

bee4meebee4uu said...

First off, since when does the number of children you have make any difference in what you know about raising them? At least in the one thing I read here, kyinvest appears to be more in touch with how to raise children than you will ever be. Oh, and before you start, this is coming from me. Someone who is not 'of little children'. I have more than you and kyinvest combined. So yes, if quantity is a deciding factor, I know a thing or two about raising children.

Referring to your unborn baby, upon finding you were having another little boy, as 'another heathen'? Blogging that you were trying to get your little girl to 'shut her fat mouth'? Unbelievable! Not to mention completely unacceptable.

Do you not realize (or don't you care?) that you, with everything you do and say in front of, to, and about your children, you are writing on the slate of who they are and who they will be? Do you honestly think you are positively contributing to their sense of self worth? I think not.

I'll be praying for you and your children.